Top 10 X (Twitter) Lists to Follow

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New to DeFi? Don’t skip our beginner’s pocket guide. In the first episode, let’s discover the top X (Twitter) lists to help you navigate through millions of crypto tweets and threads.

As decentralized finance continues to evolve rapidly, it’s crucial for enthusiasts, investors, and beginners alike to stay updated. With a plethora of information sources available, how do you choose the best?

Our ‘DeFi for Beginners’ series on high-quality crypto knowledge sources, including the top 10 X lists, Podcasts, Newsletters, and YouTube channels about DeFi, will walk you through some of the latest deep dives and insightful research in the DeFi space, ensuring you’re always in the loop.

First up in this article, we’ll begin our journey with the most crowded playground of DeFi investors and the whole crypto community in general, X (previously Twitter).


Top 10 DeFi X (Twitter) Lists to Follow

  1. Crypto News/Narratives
  2. Messari Analysts
  3. Web3 builders
  4. Helpful Crypto Twitter
  5. Ethereum Thought Leaders
  6. Crypto Investors/VC
  7. DeFi
  8. Crypto-Shenanigans
  9. Ultimate CT Threadors
  10. General DeFi masterminds

What is X (Twitter) List?

With 330 million monthly users, X is a vast space to learn new things and make connections. Yet, navigating 500 million tweets daily on your feed can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

Fear not! There’s a nifty solution to streamline your feed and zero in on industry-specific chatter: Lists.

Regardless of the size of your following, X lists bring order to the chaos. Adding your favorite content creators to your own categories makes it easier for you to scroll down and prioritize meaningful content, empowering you to engage with them discreetly. Moreover, your lists can be made public or paid versions to attract your own followers, making them even more popular and helpful for other people.

Ready to declutter your feed? Here’s a brief guide to crafting your X lists.

How to Set up Your Lists

It’s easy to create a new X list from X on the desktop or the X app. Please note that you can create a maximum of 1,000 lists per X account. Each list can contain up to 5,000 accounts.

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  1. Open X and log in to your account.
  2. Select Lists from the menu bar.
  3. If you haven’t created any lists, select Create a List.
  4. If you have a list or lists, select the Create New List icon, which looks like a piece of paper with a plus sign.
  5. In the Create New List dialog box, type a name for the list and add a short description.
  6. If you want to make the list private, select the Make Private check box.
  7. Select Next.
  8. Search for people you want to add to the list, and then select their name. When you’ve added everyone you want to the list, select Done.
  9. Your new list has been created. Access it from the Lists menu bar option.

Top Twitter (X) Lists to Follow

So, if you are a crypto investor, you must have known that X is the most accessible and open space to find crypto alpha. However, navigating good content on X can be overwhelming, especially if you’re relying solely on the For You page.

Here’s a golden piece of advice: turn your attention to Lists to consume alpha with higher efficiency.

Where to begin? Let us break it down with a simple step-by-step guide you can implement in just 5 minutes. The effectiveness of this strategy amplifies manifold if you’re blue-verified and have the prowess of Tweetdeck (X Pro) at your disposal. With this dynamic duo, you can:

  • Simultaneously view multiple Lists, giving you up to four X timelines at once.
  • Tailor your TweetDecks to align perfectly with your browsing objectives.
  • Curate alpha with efficiency.

Starting out might seem daunting, but we are here to ease it. You don’t necessarily have to create your own Lists from scratch. There are 10 pre-curated lists available that you can simply follow.

1. Crypto News/Narratives


First on our list is Crypto News/Narratives. This list attracts more than 4900 followers by its latest content about crypto alphas and narratives.

2. Messari Analysts


Messari Analysts is created by Messari to keep up with the latest research, findings, and musings from Messari’s team of analysts. This list is being contributed by 48 members and followed by over 4500 readers.

3. Web3 Devs and Builders


Web3 Devs and Builders was created by nader dabit | nader.lens, the Director of DevRel of Aave and Lens Protocol, with 180 members and 3,600 followers. This is a collection of developers, builders, authors, and thought leaders in the Web3 and crypto space.

Read more: 101 Leading Web3 Builders to Follow in 2023

4. Helpful Crypto Twitter


Helpful Crypto Twitter is a starting list for anyone who wants to learn from crypto Twitter.

5. Ethereum Thought Leaders


Ethereum Thought Leaders is a curated list of Ethereum builders created by Arthur, CEO & CIO of DeFianceCapital, with over 2700 followers. You can find tweets and threads from 32 contributors and developers on the Ethereum network.

6. Crypto Investors/VC


Want to know more market information from insiders? Another well-curated list by Arthur, Crypto Investors/VC is a notable list to follow. This is where 46 crypto investors and members from top venture capital firms stay active on Twitter. You should follow them for more insights about the market trend. The list is being followed by +1100 readers.

In case you want to dive deeply into what VCs are investing in, don’t miss out on our top VCs’ portfolio series.

7. DeFi


Made by Aylo, the DeFi list consists of 96 members, and over 1600 followers. DeFi commentary and protocol-analysis content are shared by top DeFi KOLs daily.

8. Crypto-Shenanigans


Crypto-Shenanigans is a nice list if you want to scroll through all crypto-related things, including news, people, and facts.

9. Ultimate CT Threadors


Ultimate CT Threadors is a list created by a well-known DeFi KOL, 0xFinish. It’s where you can read in-depth threads about DeFi protocols and catch up with new narratives every day. Some other DeFi KOLs are included in this list: DefiIgnas, thedefiedge, 0xsurferboy, stacy_muur, 0xTindorr and DeFi_Cheetah.

10. General DeFi masterminds


Last in our top picks is General DeFi masterminds. Although this is a small but high-quality list, its creator has added up to 42 ‘gigabrains’ (top minds) in the DeFi space who write insightful and well-researched content daily. We highly recommend you follow this list unless you want to stay on the sideline of the trends.

Final thoughts

Above are 10 X lists that we are following ourselves. We believe there are more excellent crypto lists tailor-made for different purposes. These are not the final lists but the best current ones we are delighted to share with you, our readers.

The DeFi landscape is vast and ever-evolving. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a curious beginner, staying updated is key. This guide aims to be your compass in the vast ocean of information. Remember, the world of DeFi is as exciting as it is complex. Continuous learning and staying updated will ensure you navigate it with confidence.

Last but not least, you can create your own crypto lists as well, and make sure you follow us and add Pink Brains to yours as we keep posting educational DeFi content every day.

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Disclaimer: This article serves informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Conduct your own research before making investmendecisions.