Top 11 Web3 Games To Play and Earn In 2024

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The Web3 games industry is now valued at $18.5 billion, and is projected to reach over $60 billion in 2027. Thanks to the emergence of blockchain technology, Web3 games are not only places where you can play for leisure but also earn real rewards.

Thanks to the blockchain technology, Web3 games allow you to own your assets in forms of NFTs while you dive into unique, interactive worlds just like traditional games. Whether you’re battling it out in strategic gameplay, exploring vast new territories, or managing resources to build your empire, each game on this list provides an exciting way to engage with a vibrant community, NFT collections, and tokens.

So, gear up for a gaming adventure as we introduce you to the best 11 Web3 games to play and earn in 2024!


Top 11 Web3 Games to Play and Earn 2024


1. Pixels: A New Type of Social Web3 Gameplay


Pixels is a popular browser-based social farming game developed by Sky Mavis, the creators behind Axie Infinity. Utilizing the Ronin blockchain designed to enhance gaming experiences, Pixels has become the largest Web3 game, with over 1.1 million active players and 3 million registered wallets. 

The game is free to play. When new players join Pixels, they start with a tutorial and soon find themselves in Terra Villa, the game’s central hub. This bustling town is vital for player interactions and community engagement, hosting various in-game events and serving as a gathering spot for the gaming community.

As players dive deeper, they can enjoy a variety of activities, including farming, land management, quests, adventures, and crafting. The game allows for extensive building and customization on player-owned plots.

Moreover, Pixels supports a dynamic economy where players use PIXEL tokens for transactions, enhancing social interactions and community participation through events and collaborations with industry leaders like Mocaverse, and Yield Guild Gaming. Playing Pixels, you will never get bored, thanks to a diverse interesting UGC from top Web3 gaming influencers all over X, Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram.

2. Shrapnel: An AAA-Quality Web3 First-Person Shooter


Shrapnel was poised to revolutionize Web3 game world as the first AAA-quality first-person shooter (FPS) on the Avax blockchain. This exciting game combines thrilling gameplay with the opportunity for players to own in-game assets and influence its development. With advanced content creation tools and monetization opportunities, it’s set to make waves similar to Minecraft and Roblox, but for a new generation of FPS fans.

The game is developed by the award-winning NEON Media in Seattle, known for its partnerships with big names like HBO and Xbox, and for major titles like Halo and Call of Duty. Shrapnel is a free-to-play, mission-based FPS that leverages Unreal Engine 5 for immersive world-building and partners with Anybrain to ensure top-notch security and fair play.

Set in a dystopian future, players join Mercenary Extraction Forces to compete for resources in dangerous zones hit by lunar meteorites. Shrapnel features various player classes, a reputation system that rewards sportsmanship and creativity, and diverse economic roles that enrich the game’s economy.

Players can invest in NFTs such as gear and maps, which adds a layer of ownership and potential earnings, or participate in game tournaments and earn huge rewards. SHRAP tokens, the game’s native currency, facilitate marketplace transactions, reward content creation, enable voting on content, govern the platform, and compensate validators.

3. Pulsar: Blockchain Multi-player RST Game on Avax


Pulsar is an immersive massively multiplayer online Real-Time Strategy (RST) game set on the Avax blockchain, where players from around the world mine, build, and battle to become the supreme ruler. Players expand their bases, build formidable armies, and explore deep dungeons to compete against others and establish the strongest empire in the vast Pulsar Universe.

The gameplay revolves around harvesting resources to build structures and create units that aid in mining, production, and combat. Players can engage in dynamic battles against other players and alien enemies, using their strategic skills to level up and increase their power within the game.

Pulsar features a complex land system with four types of Land NFTs, or Biomes, each offering unique attributes that affect PvE combat. These lands come in different rarities, providing diverse strategic advantages. The game also allows lending, taxation, and delegation on those lands. So, landowners can optimize their resource management and gameplay strategy.

Additionally, Pulsar will launch with various building and unit NFTs that serve multiple functions. Buildings are essential for refining materials and producing units, while units themselves range from miners and combat units to specialized vehicles like spider tanks and Genesis motherships. These units are central to defending territories and engaging in missions, adding depth and strategy to the player’s experience in Pulsar’s expansive universe. 

4. Metalcore: Mastering Mechs in a Dynamic Battle Universe


MetalCore is a thrilling game where players command powerful mechs to battle for control in a variety of PvX clashes on a war-torn alien planet. The game is an adrenaline-fueled experience, blending exploration and intense combat with strategic resource management, all set within a blockchain-enhanced universe.

Developed by Studio 369 and published by Immutable Games, MetalCore is powered by Unreal Engine 4, ensuring stunning visuals and smooth gameplay. It features a mix of gaming modes including PvP, PvE, RTS, TBS, and Battle Royale, creating a diverse and immersive environment for players.

The game’s central feature is the Battle Zone, where three factions vie for dominance through several victory conditions such as controlling points, destroying bases, or eliminating enemy units. This mode is dynamic, with players constantly entering and exiting as their respawns deplete, keeping the action continuous and engaging.

For newcomers eager to join, MetalCore offers a variety of Infantry NFTs tailored to different combat roles, from heavy infantry to pilots. Players can pre-register on the website to claim a free vehicle during the open beta, providing a perfect entry point into MetalCore’s action-packed world.

5. Aurory: Free-to-play and Turn-based Web3 Game on Solana


Aurory is one of the most promising free-to-play MMORPG games in Solana’s web3 gaming ecosystem. Its active community, recognizable art style, and being one of the first to become a home for many experienced personnel moving over from traditional gaming to blockchain helped it to its rise to fame.

Gameplay in Aurory revolves around forming teams of Nefties, each with unique skills and attributes suited for various combat roles like defense, damage, or support. These Nefties, which are NFTs that can be traded, give players a tangible sense of ownership over their game assets. 

Players engage in both PvE and PvP modes, using strategic thinking to advance their Nefties’ abilities and rank on leaderboards. The PvE mode offers a rich storyline and character-driven missions, while PvP challenges players to strategic battles against others worldwide.

Aurory also introduces an RPG adventure game called “Seekers of Tokane,” set in the mystical universe of Aurory. This game features extensive character customization, interactive communal spaces, and special events for earning unique rewards. 

AURY token is in-game currency. Players earn AURY tokens by completing missions and winning battles. AURA can be used to buy NFTs or stake for profits and chances to win token airdrops. Owning AURY allows players to buy in-game land of varying rarities.

6. Heroes of Mavia: Conquer and Earn in Fantasy Island Game


Heroes of Mavia is an engaging multiplayer strategy game available for both Android and iOS users. It plunges players into an expansive 3D world where they can build bases, deploy armies, and engage in thrilling battles against other players. The goal is simple but exciting: lead your army to victory, defend your base, and expand your territory.

At the start, you’ll establish your home base on Mavia Island, designing it with defensive structures like walls and turrets to protect against invaders. You can organize and deploy various army units, and special Heroes with extraordinary abilities—for both defense and assaults on neighboring bases. Winning battles against rivals not only secures your stronghold but also rewards you with Ruby tokens, the primary in-game token. These Rubies are essential for enhancing your base and army, as they can be used to purchase vital in-game assets and upgrades.

The game’s accessibility is a major plus; it’s free to join, and no prior knowledge of crypto or NFTs is required to get started. For those interested in a deeper layer of gameplay, Mavia also offers NFTs like Land, Hero, and Statue, which can improve your standing and strategic options within the game. This asset system allows players to engage at various levels of investment, from casual play to more involved strategic planning involving NFTs and token governance.

The MAVIA token, another aspect of the game, is used mainly for governance and trading special items within the game. You can earn MAVIA by winning tournaments, participating in special events, or buying on major exchanges.

7. MATR1X FIRE: The First Mobile PvP Shooter in Matr1x Metaverse


In the gaming world, FPS games like Call of Duty are incredibly popular, and MATR1X is introducing an exciting addition with MATR1X FIRE, the first mobile shooting game in its metaverse. This game leverages artificial intelligence (AI), web3 technology, and eSports to offer a unique PvP experience where players can earn NFTs as they compete.

MATR1X FIRE offers a dynamic PvP environment set in the year 2061, in a dystopian future where Earth is under the control of an oppressive regime. The game unfolds with players joining forces in the MATR1X Alliance to fight against this tyranny, with gameplay options including 5v5 battles and multiplayer PvE battles. The game operates on the Polygon network, ensuring a fast and secure gaming experience.

NFTs play a crucial role in MATR1X FIRE, with items like weapons and avatars available as NFTs which players can trade, upgrade, and use in economic activities within the game. The FIRE token, an integral part of the ecosystem, is used for transactions such as breeding and upgrading Avatars, opening cases, and purchasing game privileges.

Overall, MATR1X is not just about gaming; it’s a digital entertainment platform that blends AI, blockchain, and eSports to create a metaverse where players truly own their digital assets. The vision is to empower gamers by providing quality content and true asset ownership, with additional games like MATR1X WAR and MATR1X EVOLUTION in development to expand this futuristic gaming trilogy.

8. Farcana: A Web3 Galactic Battle Shooter Game


Farcana is a web3 metaverse that combines battle royale action with NFTs and play-to-earn mechanics on the Arbitrum blockchain. Set in a dystopian future on Mars, the game brings real-world consequences to players’ strategies, skills, and investments, offering a thrilling and impactful gaming experience.

The game itself is a third-person team ability shooter that emphasizes fast-paced gameplay in a mesmerizing Sci-Fi setting. Players choose from 24 unique characters, each with tactical and defensive abilities, to compete in teams. These characters, along with 20 distinct weapons and a 4-role system, enhance the strategic depth of each match.

Adding to its uniqueness, Farcana integrates an eSports tournament system and offers Bitcoin-backed prizes, which are distributed via Ordinals BRC-20. This setup not only ramps up the excitement but also rewards players directly for their prowess in the game. Players can enjoy a competitive, methodical shooting experience with a diverse range of weaponry and character roles, making each game session uniquely challenging.

To get started in Farcana, visit the website at, create an account, and download the game launcher. The game launched a Beta Playtest in April 2024, and its native token, FAR. You can also use FAR to buy season and tournament passes, entry into tournaments, premium NFT skins, pets, and in-game credits.

9. XOCIETY: A Post-Apocalyptic Shooter in Web3 Experience


XOCIETY draws players into a post-apocalyptic Earth swarming with dangerous creatures threatening humanity’s survival. This Third-Person Shooter game excites with responsive controls and intense combat, encouraging players to reclaim territories and revitalize civilization. The engaging storyline and setting help players feel connected to the game world.

As players progress, they decide whether to develop their conquered territories or trade them for new adventures. The game is built on Polygon for cheap gas fees, secure transactions and prioritizes the thrill of gameplay over financial gain. Items in the game, such as weapons and land, offer practical in-game benefits, enhancing the experience.

To get started in XOCIETY, familiarize yourself with its rich backstory and prepare for battle. Master the combat mechanics to secure and explore new areas, making strategic decisions about development or trade. Your actions contribute to the game’s economy and influence its expansion into a vibrant, self-sustaining community in its next Metaverse Phase.

10. Parallel: A Blockchain-Powered Sci-Fi Trading Card Game


Parallel is a groundbreaking science fiction trading card game (TCG) on Base that combines the thrill of card collecting with full ownership of digital assets. Developed by Parallel Studios within the Echelon Prime Foundation’s decentralized ecosystem, this game operates on a play-and-earn model, letting players build and battle with decks of NFT-based cards.

The game’s backdrop is a dystopian future where Earth is uninhabitable due to a disaster caused by antimatter fission. Humanity has split into groups colonizing Mars, Europa, and the asteroid belt. After millennia, these groups discover Earth is now a valuable energy source, leading to conflicts as they each seek to reclaim it.

Gameplay in Parallel involves traditional TCG mechanics, enhanced by digital innovations. Players compete using NFT cards, earning PRIME tokens for victories, which can be used for in-game transactions and participation in governance. Various game modes, including individual and team challenges, emphasize strategic card play and deck optimization.

Parallel raised $50 million in 2021 and recently entered open beta earlier thí year. Despite being in beta, the game secured 3 Game of the Year awards in 2023.

11. My Pet Hooligan: Rebel Bunnies & Web3 Wonders


My Pet Hooligan is the flagship Web3 game on Polygon and Ethereum, from AMGI Studios. This project offers a unique gaming experience by allowing players full creative freedom in how they play, set in an expansive world built using Unreal Engine 5. The game features an open world called The Rabbit Hole, where players explore narrative-rich adventures.

The game’s lore centers around anthropomorphic bunnies, formerly oppressed and forced into servitude, who rise up against their captor, MetaZuckBot of ZuckCorp. Players can choose from various factions of these rebellious Hooligans, each offering unique gameplay styles and strategic advantages in their quest to overthrow their nemesis.

Hooligan NFTs enhance player interaction by allowing them to stake and earn tokens, offering exclusive access to 3D tools and in-game content. The game caters to different player preferences through diverse modes like Coinpocalypse, Anarchy, and Hang Out. Ready to explore this vibrant world? My Pet Hooligan is available in early access on the Epic Games Store, with ongoing updates and expansions to keep the community engaged.


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The world of blockchain gaming is an exciting and profitable avenue for gamers and enthusiasts alike. The above 11 Web3 games have attracted hundreds of thousands of players. You’ll not only get to enjoy immersive gameplay but also earn passive income via tokens and NFT sales. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just starting out, these Web3 games provide a fun way to explore new worlds. However, remember to always do your own research and stay up-to-date with projects on social media to not miss any important news.

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