Top 7 Crypto Marketing Examples To Inspire Your Strategy

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It’s getting more competitive for startups to run crypto marketing strategies. The world of cryptocurrency is always changing and full of new ideas. It’s also a tough place with lots of competition and a niche user base. If you have a crypto startup and want to get noticed and bring in users, you need a strong marketing plan.

So, how do you promote your crypto project so it appeals to the people you want to reach, makes them trust you, and helps your business grow?

In this article, we’re going to talk about 7 top successful marketing examples for crypto businesses in 2024. These strategies will help you stand out and meet your targets.

Top 7 Crypto Marketing Examples To Inspire Your Strategy

  1. Leverage Social Media Content
  2. Embrace Crypto Influencer Marketing
  3. Harness Power of Collaboration in Web3
  4. Convert Users By “Point-based” Quest System and Incentivized Campaigns
  5. Use Referral Program
  6. Build a Strong Community
  7. Be Present In Crypto Conferences and Events

1. Leverage Social Media Content

Social media is a goldmine for connecting with potential users or partners and spreading the word about your crypto project. Platforms like X (Twitter), Instagram, LinkedIn, and Medium are go-to spaces to reach crypto audiences. By creating compelling and relevant content, you can attract followers who are interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

It’s not just about bombarding your audience with constant promotions. The key is to share a mix of educational content, branding content, user-generated content and PR content to increase interaction with your users. This varied approach keeps your audience engaged and eager to see what you’ll post next.

Besides the usual social media sites, there’s a new trend of using Decentralized Social and SocialFi platforms, like Farcaster. Think of Farcaster as X for the Web3 world, where people can share their thoughts freely and even make money from what they create. These platforms are especially popular with folks who love crypto because they’re built on blockchain technology. For crypto projects, this is a great place to chat with the community, connect with important influencers, and find new users.

This move towards social media matches the crypto world’s culture: freedom, and community. For any crypto project looking to make a mark, being active on social platforms with a strong content strategy can help you form stronger bonds with your audience.

Looking at how Rainbow making waves with their announcement of a campaign on Farcaster. This campaign aims to make Farcaster their main social media presence. Therefore, they encourage new followers on this decentralized social network their exclusive updates, and rewards for followers.

2. Embrace Crypto Influencer Marketing

Leveraging crypto influencer marketing means teaming up with popular people in the crypto world to help spread the word about your project. These influencers have lots of followers who support their content and follow them to stay up-to-date with new and prospective projects. This can help you reach more people faster, as folks often trust what these influencers say more than regular ads.

But it’s important to work with the research-driven influencers who really get your project and can talk about it in a way that’s true to them. This makes their messages sound real and gets their followers genuinely interested in what you’re doing.

Just take a look at how GammaSwap collaborates with Crypto Linn, one of the well-known DeFi influencers, to educate her audience about their product and give a simplified tutorial.

3. Harness Power of Web3 Collaboration

In the Web3 world, teaming up with other projects is a great way to do something really cool and new. Quality partnerships are gold opportunities for new projects to cross-marketing and reach the audiences of their partner. Projects can synergize with awesome product integrations pushing adoption, and co-marketing campaigns through giveaways, incentives, or Ask-Me-Anything (AMA).

What’s great about working together in Web3 is how it makes the product composable and integrated into other well-established projects and helps push your product’s performance to new heights. Therefore, collaboration in the Web3 world is not only getting more people to see your project but also driving conversion from new communities through well-designed campaigns.

For example, Mantle, a blockchain layer 2 has teamed up with Pendle and Ethena to bootstrap a staking event. As a result, Mantle’s total value locked has increased by $200 million in a few weeks, creating a blast in the crypto community.

4. Convert Users By “Point-based” Quest System and Incentivized Campaigns

If you’re starting a new tokenless project and wondering how to get more people to use your product, here’s a tip: try a “point-based” quest system with some bonus rewards.

Imagine turning the experience of exploring your crypto project into a list of quests or gamified campaigns where people can earn points. Point-based events are making a frenzy in crypto communities as some projects promise airdrop afterward. Users get points for doing certain tasks, like swapping, depositing liquidity, staking, holding NFTs, or sharing something on social media. The more people interact with your protocol, the more points they accumulate, which resonates with more rewards in the future.

The idea of a “point-based” system is to give people a little extra motivation to engage with your project. Not only do these rewards make users happy, but they also create a buzz around your project. People love getting rewards and are likely to tell their friends about it, bringing even more attention to what you’re doing. Together, these strategies turn engaging with your project into a rewarding adventure, attracting more users and keeping them interested.

In February 2024, Ethena ran a “Shard Campaign” where users who mint USDe and stake in Ethena or deposit on relevant protocols would earn “Shards”. This campaign astonishingly skyrocketed Ethena total value locked up to a staggering $1 billion within just 2 months.

5. Use Referral Program

Starting a win-win referral program is also a good strategy to encourage people to spread your project.

Here’s how it works: when a user invites their friends to use your protocol via a referral link or referral code, that user gets a bonus of rewards. Some protocols also give discounts or bonuses for invitees. It’s a smart way to get your current users to help spread the word because people trust their friends’ recommendations more than just any advertisement.

This strategy not only brings in new users but also strengthens the loyalty of your existing community. When people know they can earn rewards for bringing their friends on board, they’re more likely to talk about your project and share it on their social media.

Including a referral program in the above “point-based” system is also straightforward and effective to incentivize users first with points before giving them real rewards afterward. If you want to grow the project and make your community stronger and more connected as it grows, designing a balanced, win-win referral campaign is a must-try strategy.

Grass is a case study in rolling out successful referral campaigns in a point-based airdrop campaign. New users are required to submit any referral code to create a new account and start farming points for potential airdrops. This urges people to look for a code to start using the app.

6. Build a Strong Community

Building a strong community around your project is super important, especially in Web3 space. That’s why you need to maintain a positive vibe around your project where everyone interested in your project can share things, gain value, and support each other. Community members could be included in your community by holding NFTs, staking tokens, or specific roles on Discord, etc. Product owners and community managers need to share information and take into account what their users are talking about the project.

Community members can give you feedback, come up with new ideas, and even help solve problems. This not only makes your project better but also helps spread positive vibes about it. When new people see how active and welcoming your community is, they’ll want to join in too. So, focusing on building a strong, supportive community with mutual trust is a smart move for any project. It turns casual users into loyal fans and helps your project grow in a healthy, organic way.

Take the Runestone community as an example, it’s a community of Bitcoin NFT holders who got Runestone airdropped. Now the Runestone community is growing to more than 11,000 holders. They benefit from the vivid BRC20s and Ordinal community and gain value from it.

7. Be Present In Crypto Conferences and Events

Crypto conferences and events are big opportunities for Web3 builders to meet up, network, and introduce their new products. By being present at these events, whether it’s having a booth, giving a panel talk, or just networking, you put your project in front of enthusiasts, experts, and potential partners. It’s a great event to show off what makes your project special and to learn from others in the space.

Plus, you never know who you’ll run into — your next big supporter or a partner who can help take your project to the next level through collaborations. Thus, getting involved in crypto conferences and events is a smart move for anyone looking to make their mark in the world of cryptocurrency.

Token2049 Dubai, taking place in mid April, is the biggest global crypto event taking place annually. This is where Web3 builders build networks, stay connected with other teams, and showcase their new products in side events and discussion panels. This event is, therefore, highly anticipated by everyone.


Above we list the top 7 most updated successful crypto marketing examples that will inspire your strategy in 2024. Gear up to elevate your crypto project with an impactful marketing framework! These tactics are your gateway to forging trust, connections, and reliability among the community, ensuring you educate and motivate potential users swiftly and efficiently. By enhancing your content approach and delivering valuable insights, you’ll address challenges and leave a memorable mark effortlessly.

So, why delay? Let’s propel your crypto project forward now!

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